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Pitfalls Seen In Aerospace & Defense Digitization

The aerospace and defense industry may be just now embracing digitization of business practices, but already warning signs are emerging, according to a new report from management consulting services company Accenture. Renaissance Services helps Aerospace & Defense companies become a modern

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Putting Big Data to Work

Technologies ranging from supervisory control and data acquisition to enterprise resource planning have made factories smart, and they are getting smarter every day. Just how much smarter factories can become will be determined largely by the research and development of

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Real-Time SPC Software Drives Bottom-Line Benefits

Widely used by the automotive, aerospace and other mission-critical industries, statistical process control (SPC) software offers its users a simple way to monitor and analyze quality data from their manufacturing processes and machines using sophisticated statistical tools. Renaissance Services proprietary statistical

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Design Renaissance in Manufacturing

The combination of technology for the manufacturing process and technology for design tools has changed the very nature of how products are designed and produced. Renaissance Services continues to be at the forefront of technology in manufacturing processes. Read More

BIG M 2014: Big Data Looms Large Over Manufacturing

Big Data seems to be everywhere these days. The vast amounts of data compiled by manufacturing operations—and how to collect, analyze, leverage, and secure this invaluable data—pose a dilemma for manufacturers of all stripes. Renaissance Services is heavily involved and

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