Renaissance Services is a systems engineering firm focused on the aerospace & defense industry with two primary areas of service: a) rapid delivery of low volume, hard-to-get replacement parts, and b) integrating the latest digital technologies for engineering and manufacturing.

Renaissance supports DoD legacy systems by offering an integrated solution through a network of sources with the capability to deliver finished component parts. Working with the Air Force, Renaissance has partnered with foundries to reduce lead times for critical components by 75%, while establishing a complete supply chain of qualified sources for the long haul. This combination of focused application, reverse engineering, and additive manufacturing, coupled with a working business solution, effectively eliminates critical obstacles.

Renaissance supports enterprise clients with an overarching integration methodology to streamline business processes, clarify technical content, and provide the tools to enable these improvements. When fully integrated, this methodology ensures the efficient flow of even the most complex requirements as they evolve from engineering to manufacturing and final quality approval.

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