The Renaissance Services PERFECT-3D approach is to leverage additive manufacturing (AM) to create tooling for rapid production of parts.

Starting in 2013 with R&D support from the US Department of Defense, Renaissance has worked to develop many of the materials and processes necessary to successfully 3D-print ceramic components.  With a very strategic approach to the development of AM capabilities, Renaissance has been involved with the following:

  • Partnered with PCC, one of the largest aerospace investment casting companies, to provide rapid ceramic tooling
  • Supporting BASF, one of the largest chemical companies, in development of materials for 3D printing of ceramics
  • Partnered with Pratt & Whitney to provide 3D-printed ceramic molds and cores
  • Conducting cooperative research with Lawrence Livermore National Labs to help develop more predictable ceramic 3D printing processes

While 3D-printing of ceramics is still in its relative infancy, it has the potential to reduce tooling costs for complex precision castings by more than 70%, and it can provide 80% reduction in the lead time for cores and molds compared to conventional processes.

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