Process Enabled Repeatability For Extended-Life & Consistent Turbine Blades (PERFECT)

Additive Manufacturing For Airfoil Castings

The PERFECT Blades program is applying additive manufacturing to sophisticated ceramic cores for complex investment castings. To transition this game-changing capability from the lab to production, the PERFECT Blades facility is operating as an integral part of the PCC Airfoils foundry operation.

In addition to the ability to produce ceramic cores in a wide range of volumes and mix, PERFECT Blades is:

  • Producing cores without hard tooling for core dies-the CAD model effectively serves as the tooling
  • Achieving high repeatability for complex geometries
  • Enabling rapid prototyping and design iteration
  • Providing design engineers with the latitude to achieve complex geometries that are unachievable with traditional processes

Renaissance Services and PCC Airfoils are teamed on this Air Force sponsored program.