Providing leadership for complex, enterprise-wide or supply chain integration projects.

Every successful effort begins with a well-conceived plan, followed by application of best practices to execute that plan. Any project’s success depends on the leadership, the attention to detail, and the experience of those entrusted with fulfilling its objectives. Renaissance considers project management the vital starting point for all of its services and solutions. The Renaissance team is formed around a core of experienced project managers, who have successfully managed millions of dollars worth of Government and industry projects.


  • Controlling scope in computer-based projects
  • Selecting appropriate resources and establishing realistic milestones
  • Ensuring user buy-in and successful implementation


  • Define project plan for realities of computer-based solutions
  • Define integration plan to allow for suitable feedback & iterations
  • Leverage the web for collaboration and documentation


  • Ensures completion on time, on budget, with objectives met
  • Eliminates typical project “scope creep”
  • Enables increased user and organizational adoption


  • Extensive experience at all levels of A&D supply chain
  • Broad customer/industry activity: Government, primes, suppliers
  • Proven results at enterprise, shop floor, and supply chain