Monthly Archives: May 2009

Search More Powerful Than Google

The new search technology is called Wolfram|Alpha, named after its creator, Stephen Wolfram, a former particle physics prodigy who invented a powerful computational software program known as Mathematica). Alpha is an engine for answers. Its purpose is to find and

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3D CAD Annotation

The standard for 3D CAD, ANSI 14.41, has been released for more than five years.  However, the major CAD vendors appear to be implementing it in bits and pieces.  For example, Pro/E captures annotation in both 3D and 2D mode,

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Brain and Oxygen

Did you know that your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that enters your bloodstream. The brain only makes up about 2% of our body mass, yet consumes more oxygen than any other organ in the body, making it extremely

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