Monthly Archives: June 2009

“Social” Product Development

There are many pundits that claim social marketing and web sites such as FaceBook and LinkedIn are the future of industrial America…  More recently, Manufacturing Business Technology published an article entitled, “Social product development is no longer just a theory“.  

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The Fractured CAM Marketplace

I’ve always contended that there are more CAM software tools than there are CAD tools… Research organization, CIMdata, has shared the results from their recent study of the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) marketplace.   While the major PLM vendors, Dassault and Siemens,

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Emerging Tools for Process Planning

Almost all manufacturing industries require engineers to create “process plans” — i.e., the documents and illustrations that define how to fabricate and assemble the parts.  It’s interesting how a new series of companies have emerged to leverage the model-based enterprise

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