Monthly Archives: December 2008

Design for… Whatever

Aberdeen published a research report entitled, “Design for X: 3D as the Collaborative Medium“.   For those of you not aware the name ‘Design for X’ is talking about Design for Manufacturing, Design for Testing, Design for Maintainability, etc.   While the report was

The State of 3D Collaboration

Longview Advisors recently published the results from their survey on “3D collaboration and Interoperability“.  Some of the interesting comments: “SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER are the most often used primary CAD systems among survey respondents… CATIA and NX, while still leading in

Model-Based Enterprise: Is It Real?

I found an interesting whitepaper entitled “5 Secrets for Making the Model-Based Enterprise a Reality“: Leading aerospace and defense companies are aggressively pursuing the Model-Based Enterprise as a means to accelerate product development… there are enough prominent examples of problems

Modern Software Development

An interesting article from Bjarne Strostrup, one of the creators of the C++ programming language.  He talks about high school education and gives advice to working developers: “Serious programming is a team sport, brush up on your social skills. The sloppy fat