Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Claims of SpaceClaim

For those of you tracking the SpaceClaim “direct modeling” CAD tool, the Novedge site has an interesting first-hand review. We like the notion of SpaceClaim — namely, give engineers other than just the designer access to the model during the

Web 2.0 versus On-Line 1.0

Do you remember the names CompuServe, Prodigy, etc.?  An interesting story in ComputerWorld about “On-Line 1.0“…  I recall being a major user of CompuServe back in the 1990’s before the world wide web.  It was a great way to get

Productivity of Software Developers

An interesting observation in TechCrunch: “Software engineers today are about 200-400% more productive than software engineers were 10 years ago because of open source software, better programming tools, common libraries, easier access to information, better education, and other factors. This