Monthly Archives: April 2011

AIA Experiences Explosive Growth in 2010

The Aerospace Industry Association (AIA) experienced a significant jump in memberships during 2010. Renaissance Services has been a member for quite some time, so we are happy to hear the news.  Over the years we have made some great contacts,

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AAQG Meeting in Fort Worth

Over 100 Aerospace Quality Professional’s attended the recent AAQG and G-14 AAQSC meeting held in Ft Worth, Texas on March, 4-7th 2011.  Among the topics and agenda items were upcoming standards, revisions in work, the current state of the industry sectors,

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Aircraft and Metal Fatigue

If you’ve been paying attention to the industry news, you’ve seen the multiple stories about the fuselage ruptures on the 737-300.  It appears that there is metal fatigue on the lap joints at the top of the fuselage on some

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