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Laser Scanner Closes the Gap

The new Nikon LC15Dx steps up 3D scanning accuracy to deliver more in-depth insight into turbine blade aerofoil geometry and provide more accurate section and feature extraction. Renaissance Services is currently using Nikon 3D scanning on turbine blades. Read More

Closed Loop Quality Management

Aberdeen recently published a research report on Closed Loop Quality Management, with a subtitle of “creating visibility and reducing risk in the supply chain”. While the report addresses some of the well-known issues with quality management systems, it’s interesting to

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Future of CMM Software

While there aren’t statistically significant research reports available, the general word on the streets is that PC-DMIS represents greater than 50% of the marketplace. Does the future of a all CMM programming all run through this very expensive software package?


Hexagon has released as update of DataPage, which provides integration with PC-DMIS, the de facto standard CMM software. DataPage+ provides meaningful way to quickly share CMM data with shop floor appplications such as SPC.