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GE Sees An Electrifying Future

It’s been a unique and remarkable decade for aerospace, says GE Aviationpresident and CEO David Joyce. Unprecedented investment and transformational advances in technology, materials and manufacturing have resulted in new aircraft, new engines, record backlogs and a new supply chain.

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Pitfalls Seen In Aerospace & Defense Digitization

The aerospace and defense industry may be just now embracing digitization of business practices, but already warning signs are emerging, according to a new report from management consulting services company Accenture. Renaissance Services helps Aerospace & Defense companies become a modern

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Combine Risk Analysis Tools to Improve Product Safety

In today’s unforgiving product development environments, even the smallest design or engineering mistakes can produce large, costly, and embarrassing consequences. While this threat can be reduced by applying good risk analysis techniques, many companies often perform their assessments too late

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