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Army Mulls Hybrid Electric For Next Gen Drones

Army experts are “extremely excited” by the idea of hybrid electric aircraft, one of the service’s top Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) experts revealed Tuesday. “My team has believed that was the case for some time,” Lars Ericsson, chief of the

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Open Architecture: The Devils ARE In The Details

To make upgrades easier, cheaper, and, most importantly, faster — so we can stay ahead of rapidly advancing adversaries like Russia and China — the Defense Department has embraced an approach called “open architecture.” Open architectures aren’t exactly new, but the military’s

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Design Visualization Is Advancing in the Plant

Advanced tools for design visualization, illustration, and animation are helping design engineers create realistic representations of their products. Continually enhanced tools allow users to quickly create photorealistic CAD renderings and animations that can convey ideas and explain designs to manufacturers

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