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Six Predictions for Manufacturing in 2015

The landscape of American manufacturing has undergone significant changes over the last decade. Economic downturns drove some manufacturing overseas, and decreased production levels became the norm. However, there’s good news to share. 2015 will be a landmark year for American manufacturing.

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3D Printing Super-Hard Metal Matrix Composites

High-hardness ferrous metal matrix composite (MMC) parts have been produced in a one-step 3D-printing process using a new nanosteel powder. The NanoSteel Company worked with an unnamed process development partner to adapt its nanosteel powders to laser sintering, producing a 99.9%

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HP Finally Reveals 3D Printing Plans

After a year or so of missteps, false starts, retractions, and postponements, inkjet office printer giant Hewlett-Packard has finally revealed just what it plans to do in 3D printing. Renaissance Services continues to grow our additive manufacturing capabilities. Read More