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Pilotless Commercial Aircraft? Follow the Money

The flying public may not be so interested in it—yet—but pilotless commercial airplanes could be a boon to the aerospace industry and some financial analysts see a natural evolution in that direction coming. Renaissance Services helps companies mature and integrate

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Renaissance Presenting at RAPID Conference

DZ Sokol, Managing Partner of Renaissance Services, will be presenting information on PERFECT-3D at the RAPID conference in Pittsburgh on May 9 ( .  He will be joined by Ben Rampulla of PCC Structurals where they will provide a case

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Marines Rush 50 Technologies To Field Test In 9 Months

Marines at Camp Pendleton will get to field-test more than 50 different new technologies next month ranging from palmtop mini-drones to self-driving amtracs, from wireless networks to precision-guided mortar shells. Plus there will be plenty of classified systems the Marines can’t talk

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