Renaissance Services is excited to be a part of the Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase in Tampa January 16 – 17, 2024. The Summit & Showcase is the nation’s largest military, aerospace and defense 3D-printing event. The Summit & Showcase provides an opportunity for military, government, and industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and develop methods for building and keeping the weapons and equipment America’s military people need to stay on top the best they can obtain and maintain. Renaissance Services Inc. (RSI) will have an exhibit booth at the Summit & Showcase displaying the company’s latest 3D-printed ceramic tooling and process aids.

Part of the Renaissance Services Additive Manufacturing Approach.   Credit: RSI

When the Department of Defense has a need for legacy replacement parts that lack any technical documentation, the Renaissance Services team uses scanning technologies and their engineering expertise to create complete MIL-STD-31000 technical data packages. The RSI team then uses the ceramic additive manufacturing expertise of their PERFECT-3D division to 3D-print the tooling and process aids to make the cast parts.

The Renaissance Services team’s processes and products have been key to enabling foundries to deliver parts of complex geometries to customers much more quickly.

The RSI team can make short runs of legacy parts readily. They are also great at aiding in manufacturing parts for newer aircraft and other military applications.

Additive manufacturing can deliver high-quality ceramic molds for casting metal parts. Renaissance Services’ PERFECT-3D technicians 3D-print these high-quality ceramic molds and related tools for making castings of parts, instead of 3D-printing the parts directly.

This saves having to qualify an additive-manufactured metal part from scratch. Also, a 3D-printed metal part doesn’t have the strength of a cast metal part. Instead, the 3D-printing makes the molds and tools, which don’t have to have the strength of a metal part to cast them.

Credit: RSI

In the absence of a drawing package for a part needing low-run manufacturing, the Renaissance Services team can use structured light scanning to dimension an existing part, generate a drawing package, and design and make molds and related tools needed to make castings.

If the Renaissance Services team has access to a drawing package, they will simply convert the existing drawings for use in designing and making the molds and related tools needed to make castings.

Foundries can use Renaissance Services ceramic molds and related tools to cast the parts. Manufacturers can then machine the castings, finish them, and install parts in them as needed to make the castings into finished parts.

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The Summit & Showcase takes place at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, not far from MacDill Air Force Base, home to the US Air Force’s 6th Air Refueling Wing, and the Air Force Reserve Command’s 927th Air Refueling Wing and 63d Air Refueling Squadron. MacDill AFB is also home to the headquarters of the US Army’s United States Central Command, and its United States Special Operations Command.

Stop by and visit members of the Renaissance Services team at Booth 405 to learn more about our exciting line of products and services. Rick Pressley, RSI’s Director of Operations, has been in the 3D printing industry since its infancy. He is looking forward to meeting with attendees and sharing his knowledge. He is insightful and down-to-earth, a worthwhile and thought-provoking participant in the Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase.

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For further information about any of Renaissance Services’ products or services, please contact Rick Pressley at (937) 586-7277 or email RSI at [email protected]

Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase
January 16-17, 2024
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida
Show Link –
Booth Number 405