Space Corps, What Is It Good For? Not Much: Air Force Leaders

The nation does not need a new armed service specializing in space, the leaders of the Air Force said today in rejecting a House Armed Services Committee plan. In fact, they said, carving a “Space Corps” out of the Air Force — which handles most space missions today — would only make it harder to integrate space operations with warfare in the air, cyberspace, land, and sea.

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Marines Rush 50 Technologies To Field Test In 9 Months

Marines at Camp Pendleton will get to field-test more than 50 different new technologies next month ranging from palmtop mini-drones to self-driving amtracs, from wireless networks to precision-guided mortar shells. Plus there will be plenty of classified systems the Marines can’t talk about, including cyber and electronic warfare gear. Technologies that do well may graduate to a more formal Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL) or to further testing in the Marines’ big Bold Alligator wargame on the East Coast this fall, Col. Dan Sullivan, chief of staff at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, told reporters.

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First Boeing 737-9 Noses Toward RolloutFeb 15, 2017

Boeing is close to unveiling the 737-9, the second member of its new CFM Leap-1B-powered MAX family. The first aircraft is set for rollout at the end of the month and will likely make its first flight in April. The test and certification program will involve just two aircraft and is expected to last nine months compared to almost 13 months for the 737-8.

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