Renaissance Services will be Exhibiting and Presenting at the Defense Manufacturing Conference

Renaissance Services Inc., is excited to be a part of the Defense Manufacturing Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on December 11 – 14, 2023. The Defense Manufacturing Conference is the nation’s annual forum for reviewing progress with technologies pertinent to aerospace and defense manufacturing. Renaissance will have an exhibit booth at the conference showing examples of hard-to-get legacy replacement parts that were produced using a combination of reverse engineering and additive manufacturing. In addition, Renaissance will also be presenting more insights about the part replacement process at one of the technical sessions, entitled “Rapid Production of Legacy Cast Parts Using 3D-Printed Ceramic Molds”.

When the Department of Defense has a need for legacy replacement parts that lack any technical documentation, the Renaissance Services team uses scanning technologies and its engineering expertise to create complete MIL-STD-31000 technical data packages. The Renaissance team then uses the ceramic additive manufacturing expertise of its PERFECT-3D division to 3D-print the tooling and process aids to make the cast parts.

While direct metal 3D-printing is very appealing for replacement parts, the additive manufacturing of metal parts requires a very long and costly requalification process. Meanwhile, since the use of 3D-printed ceramic tooling, such as molds for making castings, does not require requalification, 3D-printed tooling avoids this impact on cost and lead time.

PERFECT-3D, a division of Renaissance Services, 3D-prints the tooling to produce castings, which enables foundries to deliver parts with complex geometries to their customers with greatly reduced lead times.

Stop by and visit the Renaissance team at Booth 557 to learn more about the products and capabilities that have produced and delivered multiple legacy parts for the defense industry.
For further information about any of our products, please contact Rick Pressley at (937) 586-7277 or email us at [email protected]

Renaissance Wins Award at Investment Casting Institute (ICI) Conference

The 10” Integrally Bladed Rotor (IBR/Blisk) that Renaissance produced using a 3D-printed ceramic mold and 3D-printed injection dies won the award for most innovative casting in the Defense category at the Investment Casting Institute (ICI) Conference in Pittsburgh.   This casting was part of the Renaissance ALLTEC Phase II SBIR program, which was produced with the Bescast foundry in Cleveland, Ohio.


Rick Pressley attended the ICI Conference in Pittsburgh in mid-August to receive the award (see photos below).


Renaissance Provides Support to Air Force for Rapid Cast Parts

After they ran out of replacements parts for a complex gearbox housing used on the B-52 and the AWACS, the US Air Force contracted with Renaissance Services, where we provided the reverse engineering, casting design, and prototype parts to Tinker Air Force Base.   This was a process that started with reverse engineering of the old TF33 engine parts and the creation of a complete modern technical data package (TDP).  The TDP was then used to additively manufacture tooling for the production of the casting, which was followed by the machining of the part as well as the fabrication of the subassembly.

Here is the article link to the successful piece in the Tinker Air Force Base news.

Renaissance presents at the Turbine Engine Technology Symposium (TETS)

Renaissance presented the interim results of an SBIR Phase II contract (Sponsored by AFRL) at the recent TETS 2022 conference held in Dayton, Ohio.  The presentation focused on the use of additively manufactured tooling, such as the ceramic 3D-printing offered by the PERFECT-3D division of Renaissance.  The Renaissance project team showed trial castings of advanced turbine engine parts that were produced using the innovative tooling methods.

There is more information at the TETS web site below

RAPID Additive Manufacturing 2022 Conference

We’re going to be speaking at RAPID + TCT Conference on Wednesday , May 18th and we would like to personally invite you to join us as we cover the latest in additive manufacturing.

RAPID + TCT is North America’s largest and most influential additive manufacturing event, attending yearly ensures the entire industry is able to collaborate and take this great technology to the next level.

Renaissance Services led a U.S. Air Force-sponsored program for Low-Cost Tooling for Castings with a specific emphasis on parts used in small turbine engines.  The team consisted of foundries and small engine programs with a concentration on castings for rotating and non-rotating components and a variety of materials ranging from nickel-based alloys to steel and aluminum.

The program focused on multiple additive manufacturing (AM) tooling options for the optimal solution to address overall cost, lead time, and tooling life to meet specific engine program needs.  The AM tooling approaches included 3D-printing of ceramic molds, 3D-printing of wax patterns, and 3D-printing of limited-life polymer injection dies.

Each AM tooling approach, using component designs from the OEMs, was produced to determine actual capabilities and performance.  The tooling approaches were then evaluated by Renaissance engineers, the OEMs, and the foundries to determine the viability for each to address specific product development, performance, and production requirements.

This presentation will provide an overview of the AM tooling approaches, as well as results from using the AM tools with the participating OEMs and foundries.

AFWERX Selects Renaissance Services

AFWERX Selects Renaissance Services for
Reverse Engineering & Additive Manufacturing Challenge

Fairborn, Ohio – October 12, 2020AFWERX, the catalyst for fostering innovation within the U.S. Air Force, selected Renaissance Services to help introduce innovative methods and technologies for manufacturing hard-to-get spare parts for legacy aircraft and turbine engines.

Renaissance Services Inc. was selected in the Enabling Technologies for Reverse Engineering and Additive/Agile Manufacturing Challenge from over 150 diverse teams that originate from the vast regions of North America, Europe, Australia and other allied countries. These companies represent startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions and research labs all vying to help modernize the U.S. Department of Defense. Renaissance Services was one of three companies selected for a round of funding by the U.S. Air Force.

“Legacy parts are a critical need for the Air Force, and we are thrilled that AFWERX has selected us to help fill that need. We look forward to demonstrating a fully integrated prototype technical and business solution that rapidly and affordably supports warfighter sustainment” said Dan Z. Sokol, Managing Partner of Renaissance Services.

Renaissance Services created the ADVANCE (Agile Development & Verified Accurate New Component Engineering) solution to fill the need for rapid and economical means to acquire hard-to-get spare parts. As the leader and system integrator for the ADVANCE Center of Excellence (COE), Renaissance pioneered methods to significantly reduce non-recurring lead time and cost for technical data and tooling. For tooling, Renaissance applies both additive manufacturing and more conventional methods to rapidly and affordably provide foundries with molds and related process aids that enable legacy castings to move to the head of the line when the foundries pour metal. By having an extensive and highly capable network of suppliers in place, Renaissance has created a solution that provides a rapid turnaround. As a single face to the sustainment community, the ADVANCE COE can address a variety of parts required and the unpredictable nature and small quantities of the requirements, distributing the workload among the COE members and smoothing the peaks and valleys.

For questions or more information, contact [email protected] or call 937-322-3227.

Renaissance Presenting at RAPID Additive Manufacturing Conference

Renaissance Services, PERFECT-3D division, will be presenting at the 2019 Additive Manufacturing conference being held May 20 to 23 in Detroit, Michigan.  RAPID is the premier annual conference for a range of topics on 3D-printing and additive manufacturing.  Dan Sokol and Mike Froning from the US Air Force will be presenting a paper on May 22 that describes how PERFECT-3D enables the successful production of small quantity castings for Air Force sustainment.


Renaissance Presenting at Investment Casting Conference

Renaissance Services, PERFECT-3D division, will be exhibiting and presenting at the 2018 Investment Casting conference being held October 21 to 24 in Kansas City, Missouri.  PERFECT-3D will have a booth right near the casting competition, and will have many examples of molds, cores, filters, and castings on display.  In addition, Dan Sokol will be presenting a paper on October 23 that describes the successful ceramic 3D printing projects at PERFECT-3D.

Rick Pressley Receives Additive Manufacturing Award

Rick Pressley, our PERFECT-3D Director of Operations, was the recent recipient of the prestigious DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Award for additive manufacturing expertise and service.  This is an annual award of recognition from the international Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG)  and recognizes the awardee as an advocate and early adopter of 3D printing in the medical, aerospace, automotive industries.

Renaissance Delivers Presentation on 3D Printing at RAPID Conference

Dan Z. Sokol, Managing Partner of Renaissance Services, delivered a presentation at the RAPID 2018 Conference on the importance of incorporating the digital thread in additive manufacturing.  The presentation, entitled “Critical Success Factor for Additive Manufacturing: A 21st Century Engineering System” provided a case study on how the PERFECT-3D Division of Renaissance has adopted the latest information technology to advance its capabilities in ceramic 3D printing.  The RAPID conference is one of the world’s largest conferences and exhibitions on additive manufacturing.  The 2018 conference took place in Ft. Worth, Texas.